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Thursday, April 12, 2007

What to play? What to play?

I've been itching to play a few games lately and I wanted to jot them down as a reminder to myself. The Central Valley Wargamers (The CVW) meets tomorrow nite, so maybe I can squeeze one or two of these in then.

I'm going to be running our 9 player miniatures version of A Game of Thrones at KublaCon over Memorial Day weekend, so a good practice game is in order to get my gamemaster skills up to speed so I don't make any major gaffes. We also need to figure out what else we need to do to finalize the props and miniatures in the game.

This is our 9 player miniatures version of A Game of Thrones

Here is a close-up of a player's House Mat with all needed game information

Since I also ran the above game at February's DunDraCon in Dublin, I did not run my usual Man O War game - and that will most likely be the case at KublaCon as well since Im only there Friday nite and Saturday. I need to get the CVW over here and run another MOW fest - last time I had 3 games going with 8 players - but its been at least a year since we played here at the house. I did run MOW last Labor Day at Conquest, but I do have the desire to take to the high seas and kicks some Bretonnian butt!

For some lighter fare, I have a few boardgames I wouldn't mind seeing hit the table. Fury of Dracula for one. The last two times I played, Dracula got away (and won) so I want to extract a little revenge. Doom is another Fantasy Flight game that I'd enjoy playing soon. We've only played a few times and it really has a lot of theme to it.

I recently played Die Macher at DunDraCon, so that's out of my system, but El Grande would sure be fun instead - maybe I'll bring it to game nite tomorrow. My sister gave me Taluva for my birthday and I have yet to play it and I ordered The Traders of Genoa (Finally!) with a birthday gift certificate that should make it here by tomorrow as well. It's too bad little things like earning a living and house payments get in the way of my gaming!

On a side note, I've actually slowed DOWN a bit on my BF 2142 playing time (see the last Blog entry below). I don't want to get burned out on it, so I have been not playing it during every waking moment of free time.

Decisions, decisions!


Anonymous said...

Hey Scott,
send a buddy invitation "fiercetiger"
And maybe Saul and I (felipe) can form a squad, if we get our schedules coinciding. We(plus 3 others) call ourselves the Warriors.

manowarplayer said...

Where do I send this invitation to Felipe? What program do you mean?